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risk image revisedIn the Department of Art & Public Policy, artists and those working in connection to art and culture, activists, scholars, and community builders examine the political implications and social significance of their work, and the work of other practitioners historically and today.

Students are invited to grapple with the most challenging questions of our times, breaking down artificial lines between art and politics, the past and the present, theory and practice, individual and collective. What makes art necessary? What limits its expression? How do we honor and support creative and cultural life in our multiple communities? What is possible? We investigate power, voice, community, identity. We explore, imagine, build, each, and together, the possibilities for another way of being.


The Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue (IACD) was founded in 1997 by actress, playwright and director Anna Deavere Smith. Currently housed at New York University, the IACD is a cross-disciplinary initiative that aims to create a community of artists from around the world. The IACD fosters work that is aesthetically sophisticated and highly communicative about the issues that challenge us in the world today – including topics such as war, poverty, global health, the environment, the economy, food, and religious differences. For more information about past and upcoming projects, visit our website and follow us on twitter @IACDnyu.



tischThe Institute of Performing Arts offers intense professional training to individuals in the departments of Art & Public Policy, Graduate Acting, Dance, Design for Stage & Film, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing, Drama, and Theatrical Production. Additionally, in association with the Graduate School of Arts & Science, the Tisch School’s Department of Performance Studies offers an innovative approach to the study of the history, theory, and practice of human performance.

The Institute also houses five dance studios; six theatres; scene, costume, prop, and welding shops; three design studios; a CAD facility, and the editorial staffs of two performance arts journals.